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Divorce Care

Divorce Care

Many people will tell you that separation and divorce from a spouse are the most painful and stressful experiences they’ve ever dealt with. You may feel isolated and confused; you will be faced with new issues you’ve never had to deal with before. With the current divorce rate in the US at 40% – 50%, there are many outlets for obtaining divorce care than ever before to ensure you are moving forward with your life in a positive direction.


Joining a Divorce Care group is a way for those who are hurting to be among others in a similar situation to feel comfortable and accepted as they work towards healing and moving on with their life. They discover that there are others who have the same kind of feelings they do and understand the hurt and pain they’ve experienced during this process.


Here is what you can expect when first attending a divorce care group:
  • You’ll feel a little nervous about joining a divorce care group the first time. These feelings quickly vanish for most people during the first session they attend. Divorce care creates a warm, friendly atmosphere.
  • You’ll discover people who understand your pain, emotions and experiences. In divorce, it’s not uncommon to feel alone or isolated. In divorce care, you’ll see you’re not alone, that there are others who understand what you are going through.
  • You’ll learn useful, practical information that will help you recover from your separation or divorce. During group sessions you will not only learn skills, methods and techniques by the group initiator, but also from others who attend.
  • You’ll get the chance to talk about your experiences. It can be very supportive and healing to tell others what you are going through. The support group sessions include a time to discuss about what is going on in your life. And while you have the opportunity to tell your story, there will never be any pressure for you to do so if you don’t feel like it.
  • You’ll be a part of the “family.” Divorce care group members usually tell us that they feel like their group has become a family, that they made new friends and are around people they can relate to. Divorce care is designed to be a safe environment.


The pain of divorce is real. For someone who has been married for a very long time, the period of adjustment to a single person can be very difficult. This is even more the case if children are involved. Some form of counseling or support group is really important so that you can receive positive feedback instead of wallowing in your pain.


Making the necessary adjustments to life after divorce is easier said than done. You need to create and lean on a solid support network (such as a Divorce Care group) to assist you with releasing the emotional effects of your divorce. You must take the time to redefine yourself and gain a new purpose to your life. It is important to set new goals and to start pursuing them as it pertains to your health, wealth, love, and self-expression. If you have kids, you must do all that you can to minimize the effect of divorce on them.  If you have children who are hurting from a divorce or separation, there are also children divorce care support groups available that they can attend while you attend yours. This gives your children or children the opportunity to talk with people their age, and get support from them. Its important that everyone affected by separation or divorce gets the emotional and mental help they need. Children who witness separation or divorce often blame themselves, and start to have behavioral problems, or trouble staying focused in school. Overall, you must TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

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