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Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is the use of prescription medication in a procedure in which it used in a method not mentioned by the prescribing doctor.


Prescription drug abuse or using prescription medication for personal reasons other than what its being prescribed for such as taking painkillers that were prescribed to a friend for your back problems, other ways of abusing drugs are snorting, or e injecting crushed up pills to get high. The most common abused drugs are painkillers, sedatives, anti-anxiety medications and stimulants.


  • Selling prescriptions, and/or stealing from friends and family
  • Uncontrollable mood swings/hostility
  • Taking a higher dosage than recommended or prescribed by doctors
  • Heightened or decreased need for sleep
  • Appearing to be under the influence of drugs, energetic or sedated is usually common
  • Consistently misplacing prescriptions, so more can be written
  • Going to more than one doctor for prescriptions


Those who seek out prescription drugs seek them for various reasons. Some of these reasons can include:

  • Improving focus and work performance or academically
  • To prevent withdrawal and to keep up with addiction
  • Prevent/reduce appetite or heighten alertness
  • Peer pressure
  • Relieve tensions or to relax
  • To get high or feel good


A key part in treating a prescription drug addiction is going through counseling or psychotherapy. Medications can also be of use when trying to freak away from a prescription drug addiction when it’s done under a doctors care. There are different types of medications pertaining to certain uses that can help stop the addiction. Medications can be used to help the following:

  • Going through Opioid withdrawal: Medications such as Buprenorphine with naloxone or methadone under highly specific regulation by a doctor can be used to ease the symptoms that can occur from going through a withdrawal from painkillers. Another medication such as clonidine can be used to assist in declining the withdrawal symptoms as well.
  • Going through Withdrawal from anti-anxiety and sedative medications: When taking prescription anti-anxiety or sedative type medications for a considerable amount of time, it’s likely that it’ll take weeks to months for the medical to wear off. Since this is a lengthy time frame controlled doses of the medication are given to adjust the body’s cravings. Other medications can be prescribed to help stabilize moods and help with any anxiety problems.
  • Going through Stimulant withdrawal: Treatment for stimulant withdrawal usually zones in on slowly coming off the medication and doing away with any withdrawal symptoms, since there are no known approved drugs that can be used to treat a stimulant withdrawal.