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Addiction, Relapse and Insomnia – Are They Linked?

A lack of sleep can create a bumpy road of recovery for substance abuse and addiction. In one study, 36% of 294 patients in IOP programs reported sleep disturbances. Similarly, in a study of 74 alcoholics, relapse occurred in 60% of patient who  also reported insomnia.

How Important is Awareness in Preventing Addiction?

Friends, life is SO precious! Let us learn to value it, love it and live it with dignity and respect. Many times we face problems in our lives–some call them “challenges” to make them sound more positive. Invariably we are able to solve our problems, find solu

When An Apology Isn’t Sufficient

If you are in recovery, you are able to admit that you’ve made a few substandard choices in life – choices that were followed with immense consequences. Naturally, it is easier to blame negative choices on your addiction; however, it is important to acknowledge

Recovery is a Process

For the non-addict, it’s difficult to understand why addicts don’t just quit. Addiction is complex, because at some point for the addict, drugs and alcohol have crossed over from being a social luxury, to becoming a major coping mechanism. When looking at other

5 Ways To Improve Your Self-Control

Have you ever noticed how controlled someone’s life is and think you yourself, “Wow, they must have a lot of self-control?” For example, that girl you see in the gym who is insanely serious about her workout schedule, doesn’t skip a day at the gym, follows a mea