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Don’t Take A Pill … Take A Jog!

Folks, depression is NOT a Zoloft deficiency! And it is not JUST a chemical imbalance that will run away if you throw enough pills at it. Over the past 20 some years of personal training I have seen the immediate and drastic impact of exercise on clients that initially

Is the Addict Really Underneath it All?

Substance abuse, as many current and former addicts know, can easily and quickly alter the relationships we have with those we care about, without even recognizing the change. As a parent, a friend or a significant other, we are able to see our loved one’s addictive b

“Addiction treatments: Just Say … No … again?”

“Addiction treatments: Just Say … No … again?” This phrase was used during my first interview for addiction counseling with a doctor. He was was explaining that our current recovery model was not only broken, but severely lacking in its overall effective

How To Keep Love Alive – At Any Age By: Dr. Virginia Crist, Ph.D.

Why does romantic love so often end in disappointment? Disenchantment? Because the initial choice in partner is unsuitable. Because of doubts and insecurities. Because of unrealistic expectations. Because of ineffective communication and lack knowledge. Or conflicts of

Can Childhood Issues Cause Substance Dependence?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? Many think this is a vacuous question that may be unanswerable or interpreted in various ways; however, the question of whether childhood issues, such as trauma or abuse, are paralle